Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Kingdom for a Backup Catcher

The Cubs acquired Jason Kendall earlier this week to replace the insane Michael Barrett (I think it was the ruptured testicle that drove him over the edge). The deal was essentially a contract dump for Oakland, and they didn't get much back from the Cubs.

Jason Kendall is so far past his prime he doesn't remember it through the haze of senility drugs and oatmeal. In his age 33 season, Kendall has moved past his decline phase and segued rapidly into a full-on collapse. He's hitting .226/.261/.281, with an astoundingly bad OPS+ of 46. He is a below-average baseball player. He's bitterly jealous of the sub-mediocre.

And the Yankees still should have traded for him.


Because they currently have a rotting corpse backing up Jorge Posada, and any living, breathing human being can only be considered an upgrade. Wil Nieves's numbers so far this year? .132/.164/.151, and an OPS+ of -14.

That's negative 14.

Oh, and he can't throw anybody out, "gunning" down only 20 percent of would-be base-stealers.

I am not kidding about the rotting corpse thing. This position, along with the Farnsworth debacle and the first-base morass, have absolutely embarrassed Brian Cashman and the Yankees' brain trust this year.