Thursday, July 19, 2007

Smells Like a Sweep

The Yankees salvaged a win last night after blowing a strong outing by Roger the Rocket, beating Toronto 6-1 behind a four-run seventh-inning rally.

The Yankees creep to 7 games behind Boston, and 6 games behind Wild Card-leading Cleveland. I still think the playoffs are a bridge too far, but this is the Yankees' smallest divisional deficit since approximately 1998.

Tonight, it's the ace on the hill, as Chien-Ming Wang goes against Dustin McGowan. Advantage, pinstripes. But the Yankees have been lucky to beat Toronto the last two games, and need to start playing legitimately good baseball, which hasn't really happened yet. The bullpen is still being mishandled, and the offense hasn't caught fire the way it's capable of. If the Yankees are going to be a serious threat down the stretch, they need to play better than they have against Toronto and Tampa Bay. They're winning now because they're facing weak opponents, and they need to absolutely dominate this 28-game stretch against sub-.500 teams. 6-1 is a good start.

Meanwhile, the boobirds are preparing an overture for Johnny Damon and Kyle Farnsworth tonight, and they both deserve it immensely.