Tuesday, July 17, 2007

DFA Kyle Farnsworth Tonight. I Beg You.

Serial arsonist Kyle Farnsworth used to be known as a million-dollar arm with a ten-cent brain. These days, the arm and brain are much more closely aligned. They are both retarded.

It is criminally irresponsible for Joe Torre to bring him into the 8th inning of a tie game when there are other players (any other players, including Wade Boggs) available to pitch. And Brian Cashman is simply not doing his job when he allows Farnsy to remain on the roster for Torre to misuse him.

Perhaps the Yankees are trying to lose games. Every beat writer, blogger and casual, drunk fan at the Stadium knows that Farnsworth is probably going to give up a run in any given appearance. Even the dense Michael Kay sounds exhausted when reading Farnsworth's rap sheet. It makes no sense that baseball men with as much experience as Cashman and Torre don't know the same thing. So perhaps we're looking at a "Major League" scenario in which the top brass is actively trying to lose. Or maybe the manager and GM have entered into some bizarre career-suicide pact, and they're trying to leave the Yankees a sub-.500 team before they go. Maybe it's just one last "fuck you" to George Steinbrenner and his brethren.

Because nobody in their right mind thinks Kyle Farnsworth is going to help you win games.