Monday, November 2, 2009

A Word, Peter

So Peter Gammons, who used to be a great baseball writer, tells us this:

Jimmy Rollins went on "The Jay Leno Show" and predicted the Phillies will win the World Series. He was made to be a villain in a tabloid front page, and fans chanted obscenities at him Wednesday night. First of all, the old locker-room bulletin-board clich├ęs are just baloney. Rollins brings an attitude and an edge and loves the big stage. And, in so doing, he plays the New York fans and media for fools. It's comical.

How, exactly, P.G., has Jimmy Rollins played New York fans and media for fools? So anyone who baits someone else needlessly is playing them for a fool? And can you imagine what Gammons would say if Alex Rodriguez made a brash prediction and was getting booed by Philadelphia fans? I bet he wouldn't say, "Rodriguez brings an attitude and an edge," or "he plays the Philadelphia fans for fools."

Peter Gammons is an anti-New York homer who sold out the minute he started appearing on television. See that? I just played Peter Gammons for a fool.