Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Game 5 Redux

So that's two consecutive Game Fives wherein A.J. Burnett essentially took the Yankees out of the game in the second inning.

All things considered, the Yankees probably got more than they could have hoped for this year out of Burnett. He was, stunningly, healthy all year, he was wildly inconsistent, and his final numbers were right in line with his career totals.

But the problem with Burnett, and the reason I was opposed to giving him $80 million, is that when he's Bad A.J., he single-handedly destroys your chances to win the game. I'd rather have a pitcher whose overall numbers aren't quite as strong, but who gives his team a chance to compete more often.

The Yankees' lack of a fourth started could be their downfall in this World Series. The injury to Wang and the decline of Joba are coming back to damage this team.

It's a minor miracle that the Yankees are leading this series, given that:
  • Burnett handed a game to the Phillies
  • The bullpen outside of Rivera has been terrible
  • Mark Teixeira is nowhere to be found
  • Robinson Cano is nowhere to be found
  • C.C. Sabathia hasn't been dominant
  • Jose Molina has started two games
The Yankees have been carried by a few great performances (Rivera, ARod, Jeter, Damon) and a few passable ones (Sabathia, Pettitte). They need to play better if they're going to win, and break this nine-year stretch of choking, misery and missed opportunities.