Thursday, November 5, 2009


I feel kind of tingly all over. I don't understand what's happening to me. Oh, it couldn't be. Is it....happiness?

My favorite things about last night, in no particular order:
  • Derek Jeter hugging a besuited Paul O'Neill, and bringing a tiny tear to my eye
  • Marion Rivera saying he was thinking of retiring, but now he wants to play five more years, then cackling and jumping up and down
  • The satisfied look on Hideki Matsui's face
  • Nick Swisher celebrating exactly how you would expect Nick Swisher to celebrate.
  • The knowledge that there's never been a pitcher in the history of baseball that you would feel as confident bringing in to get the last five outs of the World Series than Rivera
  • That once again, no one let Bloomberg speak
  • Seeing all the fringe guys spray champagne and act like maniacs -- the Sergio Mitres, the Ramiro Penas, the training staff...
  • Beating Pedro, one last time for old time's sake
  • Not having to listen to Buck and McCarver for another year
  • Seeing the World Series trophy in the arms of Derek Jeter. Where it belongs.
  • The immediate reaction from Yankees haters across the land: "Payroll! Waaaaah!"
  • This fucking feeling, back again

People at work keep congratulating me like I had a baby. What they don't understand is...this is better.