Thursday, September 13, 2007

Losing by Winning

Last night's performance by Mike Mussina, while helping the Yankees secure an important series win against an increasingly insane Blue Jays team, may hurt more than it helps in the long term.

Mussina pitched like his 2007 self, which is OK at best and disastrous at worst. The Jays can't hit a lick, yet Mussina still struck out just one batter in 5 2/3 innings. He benefited from extreme good luck on balls in play, and wiggled out of a couple jams, one with the help of Edwar Ramirez.

So, the self-congratulatory "The Old Moose is back" bullshit needs to stop before it starts. Joe Torre giving quotes like this...

"He was terrific. He stayed ahead most of the night. I'm just really pleased and I know he's happy about it."

...means that Mussina is essentially already pencilled in to the playoff rotation, and Ian Kennedy better learn to enjoy the bullpen.

Joe Torre truly never changes. He can cheerfully ignore a mountain of evidence against an aging veteran and latch on to one start or one at-bat that justifies his already-formed opinions.

Time to start praying for a sweep in the Division Series.

Meanwhile, if Delmon Young had any spatial awareness, the Yankees would be three back of Boston in the loss column. Boom, bitch indeed.