Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Only Thing Worse Than Patriots Fans?

Patriots fans with media passes.

This is simply one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen on, which is really saying something.

Two massively biased New England Patriots apologists masquerading as journalists, bending in all directions to justify their team's cheating while simultaneously resorting to name-calling, damage control, and the always-winning "other teams cheat too!" defense.

Many sportswriters, journalists, analysts, etc. are either fans of a certain team or started their careers as fans of a certain team. Everyone has inherent biases. Not everyone so nakedly allows those biases to dilute clear thinking and destroy rational writing.

Simmons even makes the truly incredible argument that the Patriots don't receive enough credit for their recent run of success. There's an air of sad desperation in this back-and-forth between The Sports Guy and Aaron Schatz. They're like two kids who know school starts the next day but trap themselves in a world of deep denial, staying out late and pretending the night will never come.

The Patriots, and Bill Belichick, are cheaters. There's proof. The world knows. Pandora and Bill Simmons can't put that back in the box.