Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Little Gem of Idiocy

During Monday night's Angels-Yankees game, Anaheim play-by-play man Steve Physioc mentioned that Derek Jeter was the only Yankees shortstop to ever win a Gold Glove. Noting the recent passing of Phil Rizzuto, Physioc felt obliged to point out that Scooter was great defensively, but just not quite as good as Jeter.

He failed to say that the only reason Rizzuto never won a Gold Glove is that the Gold Glove awards were established in 1957, the year after Scooter retired.

Physioc also listed other Yankees shortstops, like Frank Crosetti, who were good defenders, but not at the level of Captain Intangibles, the best Yankees defensive shortstop ever. "He's truly a master," Physioc said of Jetes.

Now, I tend to defend Jeter's defensive skills, but COME ON.