Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thank You, Andy

Last night's was, as my dad and Michael Kay would say, a YUGE win for the Yankees. They avoided a sweep in Disneyland, and pulled to within 1.5 games of Seattle and 5 games of Boston.

Andy Pettitte pitched like 1999 Andy Pettitte, and nothing feels better than when he can roll back the clock and make you forget for an inning or two all about that detour in Houston. If he were only 15 pounds lighter, the illusion would be complete.

Joba chipped in for yet another three-strikeout inning, but Big Mo struggled again in the 9th. I'm still not convinced he's healthy. He just doesn't look like himself, and not in the it's-April-and-he-hasn't-gotten-enough-work-in way.

The Yankees' bats got to John Lackey after a while, an impressive accomplishment, and then sealed the deal against the inexplicably struggling Scott Shields.

Now, a useful day off because it means Joba can pitch again in the next game, then Detroit for 4 and Boston for 3. The next week is going to answer a lot of questions. I'd be thrilled with a 5-2 record over these next two series, no matter how it comes.