Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Anaheim Disaster

Random thoughts during the repulsive bludgeoning by the Angels tonight:
  • Nobody acts like a bigger dick on the mound when they're not getting calls than Mike Mussina. In the same vein, nobody reacts worse to not getting calls.
  • What do Joe Torre and Ron Guidry have against trips to the mound? They're like basketball coaches who wait two minutes too long to call a time-out. The damage is already done and it's too late to change the momentum.
  • Instead of glaring angrily at Bobby Abreu for not getting out of the way, maybe Melky Cabrera should have gotten the ball back into the infield sooner.
  • The Yankees' defense has been inadequate in this series, led by Robinson Cano yesterday and Melky today.
  • There's no doubt that Derek Jeter has lost half a step. Or more. His steals are off and he's hitting into double plays that would have just been fielder's choices a couple years ago. I'm curious to see what his Baseball Prospectus Speed rating will be next year. With diminishing power and speed, Jetes might have turned the corner in the wrong direction.
  • Lefty Yankees' hitters have tremendous problems with right-handers who throw a two-seam fastball inside that tails back over the inside corner. Bobby Abreu, Jorge Posada, Melky Cabrera, Jason Giambi and Johnny Damon all seem fooled and helpless whenever this pitch is thrown.
  • Mike Mussina seems like a defenseless animal on the mound more often that not this year. And given his lack of ability to work through anything less than optimal conditions, his days are numbered.
  • I don't ever want to see Ron Villone in a Yankees uniform again. What he did tonight was sickening. The Angels are not a patient team, yet the Yankees can't get them to swing the bats. Meanwhile, the Yankees are using valuable pitchers like Edwar Ramirez just to get them through the game. What a joke.
  • Sean Henn makes me miss Brian Bruney. And Ramiro Mendoza. And John Habyan. And Alfonso Pulido. Sorry, Sean, I like you, but you can't get anyone out.
  • I'm going to go throw up now.