Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Too Little. Too Late.

(that's what she said)

I'm pretty sure every Yankees victory from here on out is going to be greeted by ye olde "Too Little, Too Late" headline, so I thought I'd help the meme along.

The Yankees looked impressive last night, beating the Twins 8-0. Chien-Ming Wang threw like an ace again, surviving some tough jams with the help of a couple well-timed double plays. It's nice to hear Jorge Posada offer a quote like this after the game, instead of talking about the team going through the motions: "He was pretty impressive. Very good stuff."

Actually, Posada was talking about rookie reliever Edwar Ramirez, an overdue call-up who struck out a side full of Twins in his Yankees debut. Now where is Chris Britton? And is that still Kyle Farnsworth I see sitting on the end of the bench?

The Yanks, now two games under .500, remain 11 games behind victorious Boston, and creep to 7.5 games behind Wild Card leader Detroit. If I had any faith at all that this team is as good as they looked last night, that Wild Card deficit might not be impossible to erase. But I don't. There are still gaping holes in the lineup, the bullpen and bench are atrocious, and there's no decent option for the fifth starter. Season's still dunzo, but a nice, easy win sure feels good for a change.

Tonight, it's Yo-Yo Santana taking the hill in the South Bronx against the Moose. Over the last three years, roughly representing his reign of terror over the American League, Johan has a 2.49 ERA and a 1.14 WHIP against the Yankees.

A sweep would be nice, but if I were in Vegas, I think I'd be betting on the best pitcher in baseball against a Cairo-riffic lineup.