Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pigs Flying. Hell Freezing. Cliches Rampant.

...and some decent writing at the Worldwide Leader today.

John Helyar, who writes business-y baseball articles for the Bristol boys, looks at the Yankees' succession plans now that Steve Swindal is out of the picture.

There are the usual rumors and whispers about George Steinbrenner's health, and a closer-than-usual look at sons Hal and Hank, who are being groomed to take over someday. Or possibly today. Or yesterday.

Hank Steinbrenner, 50, made his bones in the family business matching up horses to have quality horse sex. Hal, 38, is in hotels or something boring like that. Of the two, Hal seems more inclined and likely to wear The Boss's turtlenecks someday.

One interesting note is that daughter Jenny Swindal, notable mainly for splitting up with Steve, is supposedly a genius, but can't get involved with the team because baseball is a man's sport blah blah blah. Seems like a wasted opportunity, because God knows there isn't much genius in the Yankee's front office these days.

And really...has there been a bigger fuck-up in the last ten years then Steve Swindal somehow letting Jenny slip away from him? Dude was all set to run the most famous, most glorious franchise in sports if he could just hold on to his lady, and he choked like Curt Schilling on a ham sandwich. That was one costly DUI.