Monday, July 2, 2007

Really, Peter? Really?

We all know that Peter Gammons loves to riff on extracurricular topics (and really, the single worst side effect of the rise of blogs is the horror of innocent readers being subjected to the musical tastes and daily-living details of the likes of Gammons, Will Carroll and Buster Olney), but he's outdone himself today.

The venerable, award-winning, revolutionary baseball writer has penned a column players' love for the iPhone.

Some choice gems:
"He texted-messaged someone at The Apple Store. 'They texted me back and said they had plenty,' says Verlander. 'My girlfriend went to the store and was able to get one for Justin Morneau, as well.' Same agent, Mike Milchin."
"Somehow, it's unlikely that Virgil (Fire) Trucks blogged on an iPhone (or even downloaded grand nephew Derek Truck's brilliant music), or that Norm Cash watched YouTube."
"So Dave Dombrowski is shopping, but there are no iArms at The Apple Store."
Holy mother of all that used to be good in the world, Peter. You're better than this. Aren't you?