Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Identity Crisis

I haven't had to root for a losing baseball team since 1992. I don't know what to do with myself. The games don't matter as much. The Yankee's best player strains a hamstring, and there's no reason to panic because the season's already lost. Time for panic has come and gone. The Yankees had the opportunity to fix many of their problems, and simply chose not do so. What the fuck do we do with ourselves now, as fans?

Let's see how Yankees bloggers are handling things. Sorry, Reds bloggers...this whole losing thing is new to us.

Replacement Level came up with the top ten reasons to still watch this dreadful team, and helpfully points out that the Yankees' magic number sits at 99.

It is High, It is Far, It...is...Caught remains ever hopeful.

River Ave. Blues calls out one of the vast sea of underachievers.

The grizzled remains of Scott Proctor's Arm gaze sadly at the standings, wistful for a time when they mattered.

My Pinstripes keeps plugging away, previewing and reviewing games less and less of us are watching.

Yankees Chick tries to keep the focus where it belongs...on the cheese fries.

And 161st and River has the best idea yet....getting the fuck out of dodge.

As for me? I guess I'll continue to amuse myself coming up with stuff that about three people in the world will understand.