Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Can we all Settle Down About Dice-K? Please?

This is Daisuke Matsuzaka's second major league start. He has faced Kansas City and Seattle, two of the weakest offenses in the American League. Let's at least let this guy take a couple turns around the league before we start sending his karaoke microphone and Hello Kitty doll to Cooperstown for bronzing.

It is not unheard of, one might even call it commonplace, for a rookie or pitcher from across the seas, particularly one with an unusual delivery, to look impressive his first time through the league. Some pitchers, like Hideo Nomo, might even have a good season or two before the league catches up with them.

Yet, tonight, during ESPN2's coverage of Matsuzaka's Fenway Park deubt, producers treated viewers to a montage of Cy Young, Luis Tiant, Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez...and Matsuzaka. DURING HIS SECOND START. Can the media please stop slobbering on his Japanese cock until we all figure out if he's actually any good?

Moreoever, to all the Red Sox fans who brought signs with a drawing of dice and the letter K...your genius has blown us all away.

Also not needed...Peter Gammons calling Boston "a great baseball town" for the 94,575th time in his distinguished career. It's also a great racism town and a great traffic town, but let's just agree that it can all go unsaid for a while.