Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That's Cervelli!

After his heroics and agitations against the Red Sox last night, Francisco Cervilli managed an even more impressive feat in post-game interviews: he broke the vaunted and long-held Backup Catcher Third Person barrier.

"That's Cervelli," he said, describing his emotive behavior on the field. Indeed.

Coming this fall to ABC! Wednesdays at 8:30, after Cougartown, catch American's hottest new sitcom, "That's Cervelli!"

Watch the hilarity that ensues when Francisco Cervelli finds himself in some pretty wacky situations:

  • Francisco Cervelli's wife wants him to fix the toilet -- but he just wants to watch football!
  • Francisco Cervelli has two dates to the prom -- and they're twin sisters Tia and Tamara!
  • Francisco Cervelli has to babysit -- for a mischievous Jack Russell terrier!
  • Francisco Cervelli gets a new job -- posing nude at the local art school!
  • Francisco Cervelli claps when he hits a home run -- and gets drilled in the back by John Lackey!