Friday, November 2, 2007

Manny Ramirez Has No Soul

According to Gammons the Great, Manny Ramirez "played his soul out in October."

Wow. How exactly does one play one's soul out, and how does that technique differ from playing one's heart out? To wit, a cheat sheet to playing your soul out:

1) When you hit a long fly ball that may be a home run, an out or a double, lazily meander to first base while watching the ball like a spectator. End up on first with a 400-foot single.

2) Do not slide into home plate, or attempt to jar the ball loose from the catcher on a close play. Simply jog in from third base, and politely allow the catcher to tag you.

3) While running the bases, toss your helmet off at every opportunity, even if it slows you down. That shit's confining, man.

4) Play left field like a drunken opossum.

5) Lots of pointing.

The great Manny mid-lope

I'm also very concerned about how playing with no soul with affect Manny next season. Will it impact his patience at the plate? Will he become a serial killer? We're in the great unknown here, people.