Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I May Be Right; I May Be Crazy

Time for some accountability. Before the season started, I made a few predictions on how the divisional races would turn out.

I was a little bit wrong, a little bit right, and a whole lotta rock and roll. Let's see how I did, shall we?

A.L. East
More on faith than reason, I bet the Yankees would finish ahead of Red Sox and capture their 10th straight divisional crown. Other than that, I got the order right.

Most prescient statement — "[Tampa Bay's] team E.R.A. won't break 5.50." Actual team ERA - 5.53.
Most inane statement — "Erik Bedard is not an ace." Umm...A) What's an ace? B) Bedard's ERA+ was 141, and his K/9 was 10.9.

A.L. Central
Nailed this one, one through five, though the Royals gave me a late-season scare that they might slip into 4th place.

Most prescient statement — "Ozzie Guillen is an idiot who thinks his patented brand of small ball was responsible for the 2005 championship (instead of a season of good and somewhat fluky pitching). The salad days are over on the South Side."
Most inane statement — "Luckily, [the Tigers] have Jeremy Bonderman poised to have a massive year and a great bullpen."

A.L. West
Too much confidence in Rich Harden and Billy Beane led me to pick the A's over the Angels, and I completely dismissed Seattle, who ended up being decent.

Most prescient statement — "Oakland's season rests on the fragile right arm of Rich Harden."
Most inane statement — "The M's might be worse than the Royals this year."

N.L. East
Like a lot of other people, I picked the Mets. I thought some things would go wrong with the Phillies, and they did. But more went wrong with Team Randolph. I also never imagined that Washington would find a way to finish in front of Florida.

Most prescient statement — "OK, the Mets have absolutely no starting pitching. None. The decaying corpse of Tom Glavine might be good for 12 wins, but he's not an ace by any stretch of the imagination. "
Most inane statement — "Washington won't see a fourth-place finish any time in the next three years, at least."

N.L. Central
I knew the division would be awful, so that's something, I guess. Otherwise, I pretty much butchered these predictions, calling for the Brewers to win, followed by the Cardinals and then the Cubs. Stupid Chris Capuano.

Most prescient statement — "Despite the monumental heart, grit, soul, determination and whiteness of David Eckstein, the Cards just aren't very good."
Most inane statement — None. Other than the standings, I was pretty much on the money.

N.L. West
I gave the flag to the Padres, and completely wrote off the Rockies. Whoops. At least I thought the Diamondbacks would be decent.

Most prescient statement — "If Jake Peavy ever stops rubbing IcyHot on his crotch in an effort to be Roger Clemens, and actually learns how to pitch with two strikes, he can become the second best pitcher in baseball."
Most inane statement — "When contraction talks pop up again in a few years, allow me to humbly submit the Rocks for consideration. Discussion of altitude and failing curveballs and humidors has grown tiresome. Close up shop and admit their best shot wasn't good enough in Denver."

So, I only got 1 of the 6 division winners right, but I barely missed on most of the others. I'm no PECOTA, but I'll get by.