Monday, July 16, 2007

Survive and Move On

The Yankees didn't play great baseball over the weekend, but they survived, beating Tampa 7-6 on Sunday to take three of four from the D-Rays.

Every series at this point is a must win if the Yankees are going to entertain champagne wishes and post-season dreams. It doesn't really matter how they win, as long as they do.

The Yankees didn't play particularly well in this series, and they were particularly lucky to get through the eighth inning yesterday without a catastrophe. Kyle Farnsworth is no longer just a fire-starter, he's the serial arsonist from "Backdraft." So far this season, the bespectacled one has made 40 appearances. He has retired the side in order in just five of those appearances.

Mike Mussina, the finicky cat, was knocked around for 11 hits in 6 innings after a long layoff. We all know that Mike Mussina can only be effective when he is on exactly 96 hours rest, no more, no less. And the temperature must be between 63 and 78 degrees. And he has to sleep at a Holiday Inn if the team's on the road. And his eggs the morning he pitches must be runny, though the bacon must be burnt.

Game ball to Andy Phillips, for having a big day at the plate and making a spectacular diving catch/double-play to rescue Farnsworth from the fire he set himself.

Now the Yankees have more surviving to do, as they must somehow get through Kei Igawa's start tonight.