Friday, June 8, 2007

Yankees Draft Roundup

While nursing my broken heart that we couldn't land Rick Porcello or Matt Harvey, I decided to see how people more versed in amateur baseball than me reacted of Day One of the Yankees' draft. Roll call:

Pending Pinstripes liked the Brackman pick a lot more than I did, and also supports taking pure-hitter-with-signability-issued Brad Suttle in the fourth round. Catcher Austin Romine and pitcher Ryan Pope were viewed as surprise picks or reached in the second and third rounds, but PP is willing to trust Damon Oppenheimer for now.

True Yankee Blog shares my disappointment about Porcello and Harvey, who would have been a risky pick in the second round, no doubt, but disagrees about Brackman, who's quickly becoming a polarizing selection.

Was Watching has some nice scoop on the picks from Baseball America.

No Maas features a pre-draft interview with Perfect Game's Patrick Ebert, and reports that Keith Law and Peter Gammons both like the Brackman pick. Uh oh.