Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shut the Fuck Up: Toronto Blue Jays

The Yankees got a much-needed, though probably irrelavent, 10-5 win over the Blue Jays last night, in a game marked by a controversial play involving your hero and mine, ARod.

In the 9th inning, with the Yanks ahead 6-5, Jorge Posada hit a pop up to third with two runners on base. As Arod passed Toronto third baseman Howie Clark, he appeared to yell "Ah!" or "Hah!", distracting Clark enough for the ball to drop.

Now Clark and the Jays have their panties in a bunch.

ARod's play was absolutely bush league, but certainly not illegal. The bottom line is that a major league third baseman needs to catch that pop-up no matter what distracts him. The Jays can sit in the dugout and make snide comments and give Arod the stink-eye all they want...dude still needs to catch that ball. Of course, there was much whining and sadness after the game. Uh oh ARod...better watch out...the Jays might send the Mounties after you.

Meanwhile, ARod is becoming an A.J. Pierzynski-style irritant, between plays like this and the infamous ALCS slap, which is a role some might say is not befitting one of the best players in the game. Joe Torre clearly seems weary of defending him, although Torre still has plenty of amends to make for the Sports Illustrated screw-job last September.

I'm torn on this. ARod's plays aren't exactly something to be proud of, but if they help win a game or two...why the fuck not?

One last thing: John Gibbons needs to shuuuuut up with his "Yankees pride" bullshit. Hey Gibby, why don't you worry about salvaging the Blue Jays' pride and stop challenging your own players to fights in the clubhouse? Douche. The more people call ARod out for not being a "true Yankee," the more I want to defend him. And I hate defending Arod.