Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bang and Blame

Blue Jays 3 - Yankees 2. It's fitting that the Yankees lost a game on a straight steal of home on the same night the Mets won a game on two balks in the same inning. That's the way it's going in the NYC right now.

Last night, the YES cameras captured the Yankees' players in the dugout immediately after the game. I'm not sure what PECOTA would say, but a psychologist would say this team is finished. The pathetic, beaten looks on their faces spoke volumes. This is the same way the team looked toward the end of the 2004 ALCS...they can't figure out what's wrong, and they've lost all hope. ARod, Robinson Cano, Bobby Abreu, they all looked ready to call it a season and move on to 2008. This is a team of quitters, not fighters, save for about five players. You can see the guys who are getting angry instead of frightened (Damon, Posada, Pettitte). Unfortunately, they haven't been able to infect the rest of the team with any spirit during any of the closed-door meetings.

It's also fitting that the only guys performing well right now are the last remaining stalwarts of the dynasty: Pettitte, Jeter and Posada, who's hitting out of his mind this year. Rivera would probably be fine too if given the opportunity. None of the free agents or Johnny-Damon-come-latelys are coming close to carrying their weight. Who's most to blame for this travesty of a season, excepting Steinbrenner, Cashman and Torre for the time being?

Alex Rodriguez - That blond in Toronto looked pretty hot and all, but good riddance, douchefucker. I know I said some nice things about you in April, but you're the same old ARod, and you should have let that bunt roll foul last night.

Bobby Abreu - I'm sorry, Philly fans, for making fun of you for booing The Great Pitch-Taker out of town. Abreu's not just a bad outfielder, he's unholy. He's lost every last bit of his power, and is perhaps the least aggressive hitter on Earth. Go back from whence you came. I miss Shane Spencer.

Johnny Damon - I like Damon, and I know he plays hard, and he's probably half-crippled, but dude takes some ugly routes to fly balls. And his power's up and disappeared too.

Mike Mussina - Fucko. Put down your crosswords and re-learn how to pitch.

Robinson Cano - Looking more and more like a young Alfonso Soriano, but without the speed and power. Well on his way to setting a Yankees record for three-pitch strikeouts in one season. Has yet to see a breaking ball in the dirt he doesn't feel like swinging at. Lazy on defense.

Minky - Goes without saying.

Hideki Matsui - A disappointment. Again.

Scott Proctor - I know it's not his fault. His arm was destroyed by Clueless Joe. But still...

Jason Giambi - Looking frighteningly like the tumor-ridden Giambi of 2005.

So there you have it, a rational, statistics-filled analysis of why everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for the 2007 Yankees. In conclusion, I hate this team, I hate myself and I hate you.