Monday, April 23, 2007

Random Thoughts During Sunday's Boston-NY Game

  • Willy Mo Pena, gym jock: It doesn't count as courageous or a great play if you catch the ball on the run, take five more steps, and then crash into the wall of your own volition. Rather, it makes you look like an idiot thirsty for cheap applause.
  • Favorite Boston snapshot of the night: two typically ugly Masshole-ettes in the stands, holding up a sign reading, "We're hot cause we're [Red Sox logo]/You ain't cause you not [slashed-out Yankees logo]." If that isn't a cold slap in the face for anyone considering moving to southeastern Massachusetts, I don't know what is.
  • Were Joe Torre and Ron Guidry's asses glued to the bench during Chase Wright's third inning meltdown? A kid with one game experience over AA gives up monstrous back-to-back home runs, and no one, including "catcher" Wil Nieves, considers that it might be a good idea to calm the guy down until after the third straight bomb?
  • The bullpen is being destroyed. Scott Proctor should not have pitched in 12 games already, after being severely overworked last year. Injury-prone Andy Pettitte should not be pitching middle relief innings in April. It's a vicious circle: Joe Torre doesn't trust most of his pitchers enough, so he overuses the ones he likes. They eventually break down, so he's forced to use the ones he doesn't trust anyway. The Yankees don't have any real innings-eating horses on the staff. Their best hope to pitch into late innings is Chien-Ming Wang, and he's basically a 100-pitch guy. The bullpen is going to be an issue all year.