Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mo's Still Got It

Every time Mariano Rivera struggles, every time he looks less than perfect two or more games in a row, the hyenas in the media come out, breathlessly regaling us with stories that Rivera is finally losing it.

Here we go again.

Rivera's not getting any younger, and eventually it will happen. He will lose whatever it is that has made him the best closer of all time. We all lose our fastball someday. Maybe this is the year. But there's no possible way to tell after two shaky outings in a season in which Rivera has had exactly two save opportunities.

The sports media is always in a pathetic rush to judgment, inspired by deadlines and the need to have something, anything, to say. But let's call a moratorium on the Rivera-is-done stories until there's at least a shred of evidence to back up this theory that has been wrong so many times before.

As for today's game, no real surprise. The lineup did well against Blistery, and gave Karstens a shot. But Karstens is just not that good.