Tuesday, April 24, 2007

D-Rays 10, Yankees 8

Two thoughts on last night's loss:

1) In my many years as a baseball fan, I have never had the pleasure of watching a hitter as hot as Alex Rodriguez is right now, particularly for this long a stretch. He's putting together one of the best months in baseball history, and the atmosphere is electric every time he gets as far as the on-deck circle...even on the road. He's single-handedly keeping the Yankees afloat, and I can't help but wonder if he's doing at as a farewell-and-fuck-you to New York fans. He's going to give us that one monster year we've all been craving, and then leave for calmer seas in Anaheim or elsewhere. Still, watching ARod hit this April has been among my best experiences as a baseball fan. So long, ARod, and thanks for all the bombs.

2) The body language on nearly every pitcher on the staff is abominable right now, particularly in the bullpen. Sagging shoulders, confused eyes, sad strolls around the mound. Every pitcher seems to be subconsciously pleading with the dugout to be taken out. I don't know if these guys are overworked or simply bad, or more likely some combination of both. Kei Igawa, Luis Vizcaino and Brian Bruney are the worst offenders.

They look like they know they can't get anyone out, and if they throw enough curveballs low and away, someone will come take them out of their misery. Wang tries to get into the sixth tonight.