Friday, May 2, 2008

An Open Letter to Every Yankees Fan Who Booed Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy

Dear Garbage,

Fuck you. You are a worthless piece of human detritus who gives Yankees fans a bad name. Booing kids in their early 20s because they don't meet your expectations? Classy. It's not like these guys are making $30 million a year, and you can claim you're booing them because they're not earning their lofty contracts (although that's a poor excuse for booing as well). You read in the newspapers, and on blogs like this one, that these kids are good. And they haven't been good.

So what do you think booing them will accomplish? Toughen them up, make them True Yankees? Bullshit. You're making hard times harder, and if you morons have any effect at all, it will be a negative one. You want to boo Ed Whitson? ARod? Danny Tartabull? Fine. Have at it. Boo guys who don't seem to be giving an honest effort? Hell yes. Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy? FUCK YOU IN THE FACE.



And PS, Savior, sorry about that whole not-believing-you-were-really-hurt-thing. Hard to blame me though, as evasive as Joe Girardi has been about injuries.