Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Is Bill Smith a Ree-Ree?

If the Twins make this rumored deal with the Red Sox, their GM should be fired immediately. Why the fuck would they choose Lester, Crisp and Lowrie over Hughes, Melky and whoever? Hughes is the best pitching prospect in baseball, while Lester is a decent prospect, maybe a little better. And Melky and Crisp are basically the same player, except Melky is younger, cheaper and at least has the potential to improve.

Don't get me wrong, I want the Yankees to keep Hughes, but if the Red Sox are going to get Johan, the Twins have to at least make it hurt a little bit.

This whole scenario is a little too reminiscent of when the Yankees were trying to acquire Curt Schilling from Arizona, and the D-backs demanded Soriano AND Nick Johnson in return, then turned around and shipped Schilling to Boston for a pile of rotting garbage.

Maybe Hanky Stein's bluster is rubbing Bill Smith the wrong way, giving him motivation to help Boston and hurt the Yankees.