Monday, September 10, 2007

Kevin Franchise Sounds Off

Via IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR, IT IS...caught, poor little Kevin Youkilis can't understand why the mean old Yankees keep throwing baseballs at his head! And fast!

Then, the man with the best ugly face/ugly name combination in baseball has the nerve to wrap himself in the cloak of Paul O'Neill to excuse his general douchery:

"They play 'Yankeeography' on Paul O'Neill every day. So, what's the problem? I've been compared to Paul O'Neill. I know Paul O'Neill. We have the same agent."

Youk, I served with Paul O'Neill. I knew Paul O'Neill. Paul O'Neill was a friend of mine. Youk, you're no Paul O'Neill.

(rapturous applause)

Poor, put-upon Kevin Youkilis wants to know why he is loathed and Paul O'Neill is beloved. Seems pretty simple to me, Redbeard: Paul O'Neill is not a ginormous douchefucker. You might want to work on that.

The whole article is worth reading, to enjoy Kevie's insane victim complex, to witness how truly dumb he sounds whenever he tries to speak, and to actually hear him use the phrase, "I never pimped a home run in my life." might want to talk to a couple of your teammates about that last one, K-Youk.