Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Chris Britton Sighting!

Well, we have learned in the past two days that Joe Torre is willing to unleash Chris Britton only in cases of blowout.

Britton pitched a scoreless 1.1 innings last night in mop-up duty during last night's 12-3 win over Seattle. So, at the very least, he must not be sleeping with Joe Torre's wife anymore. Now, if he'll just stop sleeping with Torre's sister, maybe he'll pitch in a situation that counts.

Meanwhile, Joba Chamberlain hasn't thrown a pitch since the one that flew over Kevin Youkilis's ugly head on Thursday. So when he comes in and doesn't have command in a tight game at some point in the next couple days, you'll know why. Mr. Torre has no concept of bullpen management. It's always been his biggest weakness, and it's getting worse with age.

Alex Rodriguez and Chien-Ming Wang both came out of last night's game a little banged up, and ARod is questionable for tonight's series finale with a turned ankle. Wang came out of the game with a stiff back, but should be fine to make his next start.

Phil Hughes tries to turn things around tonight, now that Clay Buchholz has thrown down the gauntlet. Let's hope we see more of this: