Monday, August 6, 2007

The Yankees Win. THEEEEEEE YANK etc. etc.

Sorry, it's a Monday afternoon and I just can't muster that much enthusiasm.

The Yankees kept up their winning ways, taking care of business against shitty teams, by beating Toronto 5-4 in a chippy game.

Jays' starter Jesse Litsch threw a ball behind Alex Rodriguez in an apparent attempt to "avenge" the "Ha!" game more than two months ago. Wow...real ballsy move, Toronto, sending your 11th best starter out there to send a message.

ARod responded with an aggressive slide breaking up a double play, and Johnny Damon threw in with a collision, something he knows a little something about.

The Yankees' pitching continued to struggle, as Andy Pettitte was mediocre at best. Joe Torre calls his performance "gutsy," but I call it "not very good pitching." Jim Brower made his pinstriped debut, retiring Reed Johnson to end the 6th. Luis Vizcaino allowed one run in two innings, and we were mercifully spared an appearance by Farnsy McPsycho. Mariano Rivera struck out the side in the ninth.

The Yankees are now tied with slumping Detroit for the Wild Card lead, with Seattle and Cleveland both in the mix. I'm not worried about Seattle. Another win tomorrow gives the Yankees yet another series win.