Monday, August 27, 2007

Time (Clock of the Heart)

The Yankees have now lost three games they easily could have won on this road trip, after falling to Le Tigre 5-4 yesterday. Phil Hughes was roughed up early, but recovered nicely. Unfortunately, the Yankees bats couldn't do anything against the Tigers middle relief. Sound familiar? By the time Joel Zumaya came in and looked dominant, it was lights out.

Seattle gave the Yankees a brief reprieve by losing to woeful Texas, but the Yankees need a win out of Mike Mussina today, which seems like a tall order given his recent track record. Oh, and there's that little matter of the three games against Boston this week...

The A.L. East race is over (and probably has been since June, given the insanely easy second-half schedule of the Red Sox), but the Wild Card is still within reach if the Yankees can stay within a couple games over the next four days.

A lot is riding on Mike Mussina today, so let's hope that the finicky cat has had his ideal amount of rest and that his pre-game meal was cooked at the appropriate temperatures. It's getting late early in Yankeeland, and this team needs some wins.