Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fuck the Blue Jays

I really used to hate the Blue Jays. Back in the heady days of the early '90s, when we were all debating whether Gennifer Flowers or Paula Jones was hotter, the Blue Jays were perennial division champs and the Yankees were also-rans. It's hard to recall that kind of Canadian-national-anthem booing passion now that the Jays haven't been a legitimate threat since the strike, thanks to a series of awful general managers.

Well, it's time to start throwing out the Canadian bacon again. What the Jays did this week was the most bush league thing I've ever seen. Steven Goldman said it best, but the Jays' response to "HA!"-gate was overzealous, disproportionate and irresponsible.

Throwing the ball behind ARod on Monday apparently wasn't enough. I guess that was more of a miss than a message from Jessie Litsch, because the immortal Josh Towers drilled ARod in the leg the next night. Thankfully, Roger Clemens was around for appropriate retaliation.

The Blue Jays were embarrassed by the "HA!" play because they fucked up and looked like Little Leaguers, so they took out their shame on ARod, who did nothing more than what countless players have done before. Unfortunately for ARod, it actually worked this time. The Blue Jays came across as frustrated, immature brats, humiliated that their ineptitude was put on display for the world.

It's time to hate this team again.