Friday, August 31, 2007

Chicago is a Homer Town, Vol. I

That Chicago is a town full of homers who turn a blind eye to any possible negativity related to their sports teams is well known. Apparently, this idiotic optimism also extends to their broadcasters (Hawk and DJ don't count...they're not broadcasters. That title implies some degree of professionalism.)

This morning on WGN Radio, Cubs announcer Pat Hughes analyzed the N.L. Central race. In doing so, he declared that the Cubs and Cardinals "both have explosive lineups." The Cubs are 8th in the National League (a shitty league, by the by) with 607 runs scored, 120 runs behind league-leading Philly. The Cardinals are 13th with 576. Feel the electricity! XXXplosive!

Then, he pronounced that the Cubs, Cardinals and Brewers are all "very good teams."

The Cubs are 68-64, good for the 12th best record in baseball. The Brewers are 66-67. The Cardinals are 64-66. A historic race between three all-time greats, indeed. Some might even call it legendary.