Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Captain Intangibles Strikes Again!

With the game on the line, and the Yankees needing a win to keep pace with Boston, the legendary clutch ability of Derek Jeter shone through again.

With runners on first and third and one out in a tie game in the bottom of the ninth, Derek Jeter stood at the plate knowing he needed to drive in a run to win the game. So what did he do? He drove in a run. Because that's what he does.

Whatever the team needs, whenever the team needs it, Captain Intangibles delivers. After patiently working the count like a true Yankee against Orioles semi-closer Chad Bradford, our hero lunged at the first pitch with his patented inside-out swing and sent a screaming rocket up the middle. Bradford was lucky to get a glove on the hot shot, and he sent the ball racing in the direction of second bagger Brian Roberts. Melky Cabrera raced home from third, clearly given an extra boost of speed from the inspiration he received watching the Captain's courage. Roberts could barely field since a hard-hit ball, even after it was deflected, and was unable to throw Cabrera out at home. Yankees win! All thanks to good ol' #2! Foooooooor he's a jolly good fellow, he's a jolly good fellow...

Bobby Abreu, Joge Posada, Joba Chamberlain and the other Yankees must have partied well into the night, raising their glass to the superior focus and determination of Mr. Jeter, and telling tales of his glories from days gone by.

Only a player with the heart and experience of Derek Jeter could have positioned that frozen rope so that it hit off Bradford's glove just so, ensuring yet another Yankees victory.

To the engraver who is already preparing Jeter's Hall of Fame plaque: better leave some extra space at the bottom, sonny. There's more to come.