Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Locking Down ARod

It's being reported today that the Yankees are exploring reaching a new, long-term deal with Alex Rodriguez to prevent him from opting out of his contract after the season.

The first half ARod just put up essentially tied the Yankees hands. They have to either keep him, or get a huge haul of young talent for him in a trade at the deadline. The latter's not going to happen, because the Yankees won't give up on the season and because no team will part with enough for a half-season rent-a-Rod to make a trade worth it. So, the former it is.

Scott Boras is going to be a bitch to deal with, but the Yankees have been able to make it work with him in the past. The key here is whether or not ARod wants to stay. If he does, a deal will happen. If he wants to escape from New York, even a promise from Captain Intangibles to start hosting slumber parties again won't change his mind.