Monday, July 30, 2007

Do Not Try to Shrink Me, Gypsy!

After a week in Rome dodging gypsy pick-pocketers and reading about the Yankees at 3 a.m. in hotel business centers, Psycho Fan's back like a motherfucking heart attack., re-up!

The Yankees are 14-6 against the All-Star Break, including the finish of the suspended Baltimore game. If they can keep up this pace, they'll have a legitimate shot at the Wild Card, even against a strong Cleveland squad. Unfortunately, they can't keep up this pace. They're just about through with the weakest part of their schedule, and when real baseball commences again, the bullpen is still putrid and Roger Clemens and Mike Mussina are still pitching like a couple of older gentlemen.

It seems unlikely that Brian Cashman will be able to accomplish much at the trading deadline, and I hope the Yankees DFA Farnsie Farnsworth if they can't pawn him off on some sucker.

The next couple days should be extremely interesting. I think we all need this off day to catch our breath.