Monday, May 21, 2007

Random Thoughts: Yankees/Mets, 5/20

-Joe Torre got away with a strategic blunder (shocking, I know) when he intentionally walked Damian Easley in the second inning with a man on second and two outs to face the pitcher. Young Tyler Clippard walked John Maine, then lucked out inducing a flyout from Jose Reyes. Easley was unlikely to reach base anyway, and walking him put pressure on a youngster making his major league debut to throw strikes. Torre, in his desperation to avoid giving up a run, potentially opened the door to a big inning.

-Another Clueless Joe, this one named Morgan, was at his obtuse best last night. Speaking of Robinson Cano, the wise Luddite said, "You can live with someone not hitting, but you can't live with mistakes in the field." This explains why Joe has been voting for Rey Ordonez to make the Hall of Fame every year.

Later, after Derek Jeter laced a double down the left-field line, Morgan said, "He handles the ball on the inside much better than he did before."

A) Before what?
B) Analysts have been saying that about Jeter since 1997.

-Speaking of Captain Intangibles, he's now hitting a feisty .500 with runners in scoring position this year. You can lay a lot of blame for the 2007 debacle at a lot of people's feet, but Jeter and Jorge Posada have actually played like they still care.

Here come the Red Sox. The Yankees unquestionably need a sweep, or it's time to focus on the Wild Card.