Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The Yankees needed a sweep, and thanks to the decrepit Mike Mussina and an inept offense, didn't get one. The Yankees have absolutely no chance to catch a Red Sox team that doesn't look likely to falter severely. Pre-2004, the Yankees could have held out hope that Boston's demons would lead to a collapse, but those days are over.

The Wild Card looks unlikely at this point, but the division title is almost completely out of the question. It's not June yet. Great season, guys.

One side note: David Ortiz is a career .285/.377/.552 hitter. Against Mike Myers, he's at .357/.375/.643. Joe Torre needs to stop bringing Myers in, expecting him to have success against Big Papi just because he does things with the left side of his body. Myers is incompetent in general, but particularly against Ortiz. The Yankees would be better off walking Ortiz in every big spot or challenging him with a right-hander who can actually, you know, pitch.