Thursday, May 24, 2007

Domo Arigato, Mr. Pavano

So before we end and then begin
We'll drink a toast to how it's been
A few more hours to be complete,
A few more nights on satin sheets,
A few more times that I can say…
I've loved these days.

A sad day in Yankeeland, as the great Carl Pavano's days in pinstripes have drawn to a close. We are all wondering the same thing today: how do we keep on going? How do we wake up every day, knowing that we will never again witness the golden right arm of Carl Pavano in the home whites or the road grays? What is the point...of sports fandom, of life, of the universe...without him? Why go on?

Simply, because we must. We must go on. We must fight through each hard moment, each dark afternoon. We must find reservoirs of hope deep within our miserable shells of humanity. We must keep on with the business of living, and assume, for our own sanity, that somewhere out there, on some gravelly ballfield in Brooklyn, or Idaho, or China, somewhere a young boy is limping off a mound who can take his place. A young Pavano, bravely willing to give three percent for his teammates. He must be out there...somewhere...mustn't he?

The indefinable Mr. Pavano's final line for the Yankees:

111.1 IP, 5-6, 141 H, 20 BB, 60 K, 4.77 ERA.

For $40 million.

Thank you, Carl, you have shown us all what heart and courage really are. And good luck to you in your future endeavors, whether that means laying on the couch watching your "stories," or napping contentedly on your hammock.

Just don't forget: Carl Pavano Day at the Stadium next July 11. Think about what you want on your plaque.