Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two Stupid Things

Stupid thing #1: Bobby Abreu attempting to lay down a sacrifice bunt in the 3rd inning of a 2-1 game with Derek Jeter on second base and nobody out. I don't even need to explain why this is a stupid play. I don't think Torre called for the bunt from his #3 hitter, or I would be on a flight to New York right now to try to fire him personally. Abreu bunted out of some misguided sense of what being a "team player" means. Bobby, babe, let me straighten this out for you. A great hitter willingly making an out in the early innings of a regular season game = not being a team player. That same great hitter playing the percentages and trying to get a hit or walk to drive in a run or extend the inning = being a team player.

Stupid thing #2: John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman just had this exchange:

JS: Every game is a battle.
SW: Every game IS a battle.

Waldman's inflection was such that she really wanted to emphasize for the listeners what a brilliant, game-changing point her partner had just made.

Yeah, that 9-2 game last night was really an intense, hard-fought rumble. And the 10-3 game the night before was like Actium recreated before our eyes.

P.S. Can Suzyn Waldman pleeeeease stop calling Robinson Cano "Robbie"? It sounds too informal, like something Hawk Harrelson would say.