Thursday, March 8, 2007

In Defense of Minky

Ladies and gentleman, meet your new whipping boy, the Tony Womack of 2007: Doug Mientkiewicz.

Mientkiewicz’s PECOTA-projected OPS this year is .710, with a -1.7 VORP and an EQA of .258. In case you need reminding, this is the dominant half of a platoon that will start at first base for the New York Yankees. Gehrig, Mattingly, Minky.

From a baseball standpoint, acquiring Mientkiewicz couldn’t possibly make less sense. He’s coming off back surgery, isn’t anywhere close to the defensive stud he once was, and will be significantly below league average at a position where it isn’t difficult to find offense. Much of the advantage the Yankees gain from fielding strong hitters up the middle will be mitigated by Minky’s anemic bat.


Mientkiewicz also managed to piss off the entire Boston Red Sox organization in the aftermath of the 2004 World Series when he stated his desire to keep the ball he caught for the historic final out of that World Series. (The most boring World Series ever, by the way.)

In doing so, Mientkiewicz exposed the Red Sox front office honchos for the infantile, petty, manipulative thieves that they are. Not only did the Sox make a public issue of demanding the ball from Mientkiewicz, helping to tarnish and distract from their victory in a parade of minor off-season controversies, but after Mientkiewicz agreed to lend the ball to the team for a victory tour, the Red Sox filed suit to keep the ball and essentially threatened to steal it. the incident resulted in lingering bad blood between Mientkiewicz and the Red Sox front office and fans.

And any enemy of my enemy…Welcome aboard, Minky! Please try to slug over .325. Thanks.